Start The Senior Living Conversation

1st June 2016

It can be awkward, uncomfortable and even depressing to start a conversation with your parents or other elderly loved ones that centers on the fact that they may no longer be capable of living on their own. It’s hard to admit that someone who once cared for you may now need care themselves, and often seniors are not ready to accept this hard fact. However, senior living is above all a health and safety issue, and it’s important to prepare seniors for the next chapter in their lives, even if they’re not yet ready. Up to 75 percent of seniors will need long-term care at some point in their lives, so it’s likely that a senior in your life will need to know about his or her options. Consider your elderly loved one’s feelings, but also keep in mind the best decision for the person’s health. Start the senior living conversation early on to eliminate more serious problems down the road.

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