Our Team

At MG Financial Group, we take a highly personal approach with clients to build and nurture long-term mutually beneficial relationships. Many of our clients have faced a transition in their financial lives. Such catalysts might include traditional retirement, job change or loss, death of a spouse, divorce, inheritance, or sale of an asset or business. We strive to treat each client relationship in a trusting manner and help people navigate through financial transitions. Our goal is to have a positive impact on our clients’ lives and to help them manage financial anxiety during challenging times.
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MGFG Matthew Miller
MGFG Jackie Schneider
MGFG Amy Finley
MGFG Alicia Nordwig
MGFG Jacob Hornak
MGFG Maggie Mayer
MGFG Francine Grittinger
MGFG Jodi Spears
MGFG Diane Bueche