Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes MG Financial Group unique?

    We are fiduciaries, meaning we have an ethical obligation to keep our clients’ best interests in mind for all decisions. Our fees and processes are completely transparent allowing clients to know what services we provide, how we provide those services, and how we are paid to provide those services. MG Financial Group puts clients’ interests ahead of our own and we focus on the importance of after-tax investment returns in the process.
  • Who is the ideal client?

    Individuals and families that appreciate working with advisors held to fiduciary standards who work to develop, implement, and review a strategic plan used to meet their personal investment goals and objectives.
  • How do we begin our relationship?

    An initial data gathering discussion would occur to determine if your needs would be met through a typical MG Financial Group client-advisor relationship. Click the get started button to schedule a no-obligation meeting with us. You will learn how we can help you build a custom tailored plan for your needs that encompasses all aspect of finances that will help set you up for financial success!
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  • What fees are charged for MG Financial Group services?

    MG Financial Group charges a quarterly fee based on a percentage of assets under management. All of our services are included in this fee.
    Account Market ValueAnnual Incremental Fee
    First $500,0001.20%
    Over $5,000,0000.25%
  • I do not live in the Milwaukee area, is that a problem?

    We currently work with clients throughout the United States. Using today’s technology, we can provide all the same services to clients inside and outside the Milwaukee area.
  • Who will work with me?

    You will have a lead advisor but will also have interactions with the other advisors based on your specific needs and the advisor’s area of expertise. All of our advisors have a specialized area of expertise that they bring to the firm, which helps us deliver both broad and specific advice to our clients throughout the advisor-client relationship.
  • What steps are required to move my accounts to MG Financial Group?

    Each client's situation is unique depending on his/her existing relationships. Once the advisor-client relationship is established, our team will assist with the necessary paperwork to transfer existing accounts.
  • Will client information be kept confidential?

    We take this responsibility very seriously. We realize the importance of confidentiality and have processes and procedures in place to ensure your information is kept confidential. Also see our Privacy Policy

  • How long have you been in business?

    We were founded in 1995
  • Are you registered with the SEC?

    Yes, we are registered advisors under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. Please see Form ADV Part 2A for additional information.

    Registration with the SEC does not imply a certain level of skill or training.

  • How often do you meet with your clients?

    We provide an initial investment review for all of our new clients and our advisors conduct an ongoing review at least annually (either in person, via phone or email). Significant market events, changes in client circumstances, requests by our clients, or at the suggestion of a client service professional may trigger an advisor to review.
  • What is your historical performance?

    Each of our clients has a unique allocation and mix of investments, which makes traditional measures of standard performance not applicable. However, measuring and reviewing a client’s individual portfolio performance is an important part of our planning and investing process.