Inflation-Adjusted Figures for 2023

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People are getting tired of inflation discussions. The topic is discussed everywhere people turn. This has not always been the case over the past few decades. However, a few areas where it is always discussed is with regards to social security benefits and tax laws.

5 Major Mistakes People Make Before Retirement

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A good retirement draws on a lifetime of saving and work. But, despite its huge importance, many people slip up in the years just before this milestone. Some of these mistakes are the result of not understanding retirement, while others are conscious decisions that simply have a greater impact than estimated.

Vehicle Sales: Supply or Demand Issue?

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Before digging into review the various potential reasons, let’s get to the takeaway right away. The new acronym for this 30 second world on social media would be TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read). Basically, if you were thinking about buying a new car, the process has changed. Instead of going to a dealership in the evening and walking out 4 hours later with a new car, you probably will need to order your car and then return weeks or months later to pick it up.

Senior Living Arrangement Planning

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The pandemic has changed the way people live, how they think about their homes, and what the surrounding community means to them. Each generation is going to be affected differently. In particular, the population of older adults’ (in the US this group is set to grow to 73 million by 2030) view on housing is going to have dramatic consequences for themselves, their caregivers, and their surrounding communities.

How Many Years of Tax Records Do You Need?

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Summertime is not the typical time to be thinking about tax returns. Most people are still basking in the relief of not having to think about taxes for another 9 months! However, tax records are a year-round challenge. By keeping track of records on a continual basis, taxpayers are hopefully protecting themselves against losing receipts. For those that do a good job of organizing, the next logical question is how long should those records be kept? Taxpayers went through the trouble of carefully tracking receipts, so are usually reluctant to get rid of. Keep too long and soon the stack of files becomes burdensome to protect.

Change of Pace

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Professional dancers, musicians, and athletes have special skills. Many of these skills are unique to their profession. However, there are certain ones that crossover. It is these crossover traits that probably take an average professional in their specific field to something more. One skill I have thought more and more about during the pandemic. The ability to change to pace. Starting to learn a new skill, training can be about going slow. Walk then run as the saying goes. With frequent repetition confidence builds. The excitement causes them to want to show off that new skill as frequently as possible. …

Why Are Mortgage Rates So Low?

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We commonly get the question: why are mortgage rates so low? The 30-Year fixed rate mortgage has not been lower in almost 50 years of recordkeeping. Conventional wisdom regarding the direction of interest rates has continued to be wrong over the last decade. Many thought interest rates would move back up after the Great Recession. There has been no shortage of ink spilled or airtime spent talking about trying to guess the direction of rates. The list of people is short who thought rates would be this low in 2020. Why So Low? As you can see in the chart …