Retirement Planning

  • US Debt Limit

    As we have written in the past , the future is uncertain. Armed with this knowledge, hopefully, we can make the big and small daily decisions to move forward. We do this regardless of the endeavor.
  • Grit or Quit: How Do Investors Decide?

    Market volatility is discomforting. No matter how much you prepare for it, it is never easy. The same discomfort investors thought they were once willing to withstand now seems unbearable. The discomfort starts to penetrate the “invest for long term” fortress investors had built. The feelings of “this time is different” come rushing forward. Panic…
  • Investment Strategy Review

    After the 2022 first-half investment performance, it is normal for investors to want to reevaluate their investment plan. Losses never feel good. It does not matter if the loss involves your favorite sports team, playing board games with your family/friends, or just seeing investment values decrease. However, we cannot say they are surprising. Losses are…
  • Long-Term Investors – Recession Investing

    “Think of the markets’ force as a raging river. Any experienced rafting guide will tell you not to fight the rapids. You’re better off charting your course, adapting incrementally and not oversteering.” -David Booth Recession Investing for Long-Term Investors Investing for the long-term requires ignoring short-term noise. Part of that noise is the inundation of…
  • The Coronavirus and Market Declines

    The world is watching with concern the spread of the new coronavirus. The uncertainty is being felt around the globe, and it is unsettling on a human level as well as from the perspective of how markets respond.
  • How to Help Parents – and Yourself – Live better at 80, 90 and Beyond

    They say we get wiser as we get older, but let’s face it: Many new uncertainties and challenges can crop up as people get deeper into their golden years. Changes in physical health and issues with memory can mean you—or your elderly parents—might require new types of never-before-needed assistance.
  • Living In The Fear Of A Market Downturn

    It's easy to feel anxious about investing these days. Those who claim they can foresee market moves are out in force, on screen after screen, citing factors such as trade wars or the inverted yield curve as signals that stocks will soon go down.
  • Time Flies

    "The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." Michael Althsuler
  • Two Questions To Ask Before You Purchase Life Insurance

    Life insurance can be an extremely important, even essential, part of your financial plan. One of its most attractive aspects for many individuals and families is the death benefit of the policy—the money that the insurance company pays out in the event of the insured’s death.
  • Big Data

    IBM did research a few years ago proclaiming that 90% of the world’s data is being created every two years. That is an amazing statistic. More data has been created since October 2017 than all the prior years combined? More data will be created in the next two years than all prior years?