Estate Planning

  • 5 Important Factors to Simplify Estate Planning

    Estate planning can be difficult, time consuming, and incredibly confusing. Estate planning can also be simple, efficient, and straightforward. The answer partly depends on individual situations and feelings toward the process. Sometimes the first description is what people hear or are told. That description can be daunting and scary. People runaway from daunting and scary…
  • How to Help Parents – and Yourself – Live better at 80, 90 and Beyond

    They say we get wiser as we get older, but let’s face it: Many new uncertainties and challenges can crop up as people get deeper into their golden years. Changes in physical health and issues with memory can mean you—or your elderly parents—might require new types of never-before-needed assistance.
  • Time Flies

    "The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." Michael Althsuler
  • Learn About Caring For An Elderly Parent

    At some point in life, nearly everyone will require at least some help with the challenges of daily living. This guide is designed to help you become familiar with the common eldercare issues, as well as the care options available for an aging parent, spouse, or other loved one.
  • 5 Best Practices For Philanthropists

    For hundreds of years, across all cultures and lifestyles, philanthropy has been an integral part of society, forging the way for great educational and art institutions, human service organizations, and many neighbors giving their communities an extra hand. Today, those who choose to give to charity do so in new ways and for a variety…
  • What to Do When Your Doctor Has Bad News

    It’s what no one ever wants to hear: “The test results have come back positive.” And yet it’s quite likely that you, a loved one or both will one day be given a serious health diagnosis that throws your world into uncertainty, confusion and fear. That means you have two choices:
  • The Value of Multigenerational Family Meetings

    If you’ve amassed sizable wealth, or are on the right path and getting there, it may be time to consider how to pass on some of that money to children and grandchildren without creating big problems that could harm their futures and destroy family harmony. The fact is, family wealth—how it’s managed, transferred and used—can…
  • The Importance of Beneficiary Designations

    Imagine an ex-spouse receiving the benefits of your lifelong savings… That is exactly what happened to William Kennedy upon his passing. In the case of Kennedy Estate v. Plan Administrator for DuPont Savings and Investment Plan, the court ruled that Kennedy’s ex-wife rightly received the benefit of his $400,000 retirement savings even though the divorce…
  • Late Innings of Tax Reform

    As we begin the final two calendar months of the year, individuals and families start to wrap up their financial year.
  • Life-Stage Estate Planning

    We've written before how a little strategic long-term thinking is good for your financial health. Tying in your personal financial goals with the goals for your investment portfolio helps you to stay the course when the course gets rocky. As with investments, being strategic with your estate plan is another best practice we encourage for…