Client Communications

  • How to Respond to Market Volatility

    Next step courage: Ability to not feel pressure of trying to complete the entire journey. It’s for a few seconds finding courage to overcome self-doubt before taking the next step. – Shane Parrish Market Price Movements Turbulence can be annoying. When it happens unexpectedly, even more so. The airline industry knows this well. There is…
  • Interest Rates: What is Happening?

    This is the question that is on everyone’s mind. For savers and borrowers alike, interest rates are a key topic of discussion and a central ingredient of the economy. Should borrowers try and lock-in the loan at today’s rates? Should investors buy that bond at today’s rate? Before we get into more detail about interest…
  • Investing During International Conflict

    First off, the idea that we can spend time discussing portfolio performance in a time when human lives are at stake is a fortunate position to be in. Lives will not only be lost, but many more lives will be changed forever. We are thankful for our safety, but also aware that many are not…
  • What is Going on with Inflation?

    We have spoken about inflation the last few months. As expected, the topic continues to drive many conversations. Much like other investment decisions, the inflation data is only the start of the process. Just as consequential is the reaction to the data. Federal Reserve Goal Conducting monetary policy is one of the five key functions…
  • Is Supply Chain Going Back to 2019?

    Time is asymmetrical and flows in only one direction: forward. British astrophysicist, Arthur Eddington, developed this concept of “one-way” direction. He illustrated this concept by using an arrow. If by following the arrow you see more randomness, the arrow is pointed towards the future. If the arrow becomes less random, the arrow is pointed towards…
  • The Illusion of Certainty

    Every day is a gift. At the same time, we realize that every day carries a certain amount of uncertainty, good or bad. Being at peace each day while living in an uncertain world is something we probably all try to achieve.
  • Community

    Community is an important part of our everyday living. However, the definition of community is different for everyone. In addition, communities change as we move through our lives.
  • A New Year

    Life in a pandemic is different. No matter your personal situation, life has been forced to change. Things we thought were important last January turned out to be somewhat inconsequential. Unfortunately, life does not come with a standard script that we all must follow.
  • Together

    People like certainty and they will go to great lengths to get it. During their "certainty" quest, people will come across many theories. All too often these theories are traps. These theories provide solutions when in fact there might not be one.
  • Chasing the Puck

    Investing is a constantly moving thing. Yesterday’s news is forgotten fast. What was important then is now quickly removed from the front page. Guessing the next big thing is a draw for many people and the news companies know that. Everyone seems to be in a hurry to get somewhere quickly.