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MG Financial Group strives to keep clients informed through regular eNewsletters & blogs that address changes in the financial world, market updates, MG Financial Group news, tax issues and a variety of other financial planning subjects. We cover the topics that matter most to our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions
We are fiduciaries meaning we have an ethical obligation to keep the clients best interests in mind for all decisions. Our fees and our processes are completely transparent allowing clients to know what services we provide, how we provide it, and how much we are paid to provide it. MG Financial puts your interest ahead of ours and we focus on the importance of after-tax investment returns in the process.
Individuals and families that appreciate working with an advisor held to a fiduciary
standard and having an open architecture process where a strategic plan is
developed, implemented, and reviewed to meet their personal investment goals
and objectives.
Initial data gathering discussion to determine if potential client needs would be met through a typical MG Financial Group client-advisor relationship.
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MG Financial Group charges a quarterly fee based on a percentage of assets
under advisement. All of our services are included in this fee.

Account Market Value Annual Incremental Fee
First $250,000 1.20%
Next $250,000 ($250,001-$500,000) 1.00%
Next $250,000 ($500,001-$750,000) 0.75%
Next $1,250,000 ($750,001-$2,000,000) 0.50%
Over $2,000,000 0.25%
You will have a lead advisor but will also have interactions with the other advisors
based on your specific needs and the advisor’s area of expertise. All our advisors
have a specialized area of expertise that they bring to the firm, which helps us
deliver both broad and specific advice to our clients throughout the advisor-client
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